October 2, 2023
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Do you love Grey’s Anatomy? Can’t you get enough of The Good Doctor? Then we think that brand new medical drama, Good Sam, could be right up your alley! Here’s a bit more about the show.

The Plot

As heart surgeon Dr Samantha Griffith (Sophia Bush) in the chases down the patient, she reassures him that the very best heart surgeon in the country is going to work on him. When we see Dr Rob “Griff” Griffith (Jason Isaacs) park his Mustang in his parking spot; as he, Sam and their group of residents prepare for the surgery, Griff highlights the biggest flaws of each resident:

  • Sam’s best friend, Dr Lex Trulie (Skye . Marshall), 
  • Dr Caleb Tucker (Michael Stahl-David),
  • Dr Isan Shah (Omar Maskati), and 
  • Dr Joey Costa (Davi Santos).

He then criticises Sam for her lack of leadership prowess. She’s so sick and tired of Griff undermining her authority that she’s very ready to take another job.

During An ER Triage, Griff Gets Shot

When Sam shouts out “Dad!”, we learn that her prickly boss is her father. 

Cut to six months later. Griff is in a coma. Sam, who has taken over from her dad as the department head on an interim basis, is promoted to a permanent position. Her mother, Vivian Katz (who is played by Wendy Crewson), who also turns out to be the hospital’s chief medical officer (CMO), thinks it’s a position that she well deserves. As opposed to her father, Sam leads with respect, not fear, and the residents and other doctors have been doing better because of it.

On the night she takes the position at a formal dinner, she meets Malcolm Kingsley (who is played by Edwin Hodge), the son of one of the hospital’s biggest benefactors as well as chairman of the board. She learns the next day that he’s started working as the hospital’s chief of finance. However something else happens — Griff wakes up. And the very first thing he thinks of is when he can go back to work.

As Griff Rehabilitates, Vivian Asks Sam To Proctor Her Father

He can’t do surgery or treat patients until Sam gives her approval that he’s back up to speed and performing at 100%. In the meanwhile, though, he chafes at the thought that his daughter is now his boss as well. 

As the team diagnoses a baby who could need to go on a machine in order to help his heart and a man with a recently-developed murmur and a sore on his lip that came from an affair, Griff butts in with his views, in opposition of Sam’s course of action. She’s irritated at his smugness however also admits when he’s right. 

Is It Worth Watching?

If Good Sam holds tightly together it’s because Isaacs and Bush are extremely good and would be able to play to whatever mood the series decides upon. Isaacs is skilfully domineering, with just enough of a brilliant twinkle that you could forgive his arrogance. Overall, it’s as entertaining as the action you’ll find when you claim an online gambling casino wins!

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