October 2, 2023

Car maker Proton has made its introduction in Pakistan by launching its first vehicle, the Proton X70, in Pakistan. The Proton X70 is available here.

Alhaj Group of the company had agreed to an agreement with the Malaysian company, Proton. The company plans to launch its next car, the Proton Saga, not long from now.

Now here we will tell you some of the features and specifications of the upcoming car that is being talked about in Pakistan.

Proton Saga Price in Pakistan:

The expected price of this car in Pakistan is approximately PKR 24 Lac.

Proton Saga Interior:

From the inside, drivers can expect to see standard features such as dual front airbags, antilock brakes and electronic brake distribution.

The premium Term A features an advanced stability control system, traction control technology as well as vibration initiation assist and a rear parking sensor.

Proton Saga Exterior:

The car’s engine compartment is where you’ll find the main engine. This type of motor is used by most cars these days and has been upgraded in this vehicle with a new air intake device, a new oil filter, a new catalytic converter, and new spark plugs.

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The interior has also been completely redone with the addition of an airbag steering wheel, electric windows, electronic heatproof seats and in-car entertainment.

Proton Saga Features:

The features that will be seen in this car are as follows:

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Proton Saga Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

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Proton Saga Availability:

The Proton Saga is a vehicle that has never been released in Pakistan until now. Once the company makes an official announcement about its release in Pakistan, we will update you with news about how and where to purchase it.

This article was all about the price of this car in Pakistan.

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