September 30, 2023
Activate CenturyLink Internet

When you’re looking for a new service provider, there is a set of things you have made for yourself to check, like a checklist. Depending on your priority and requirements, you will be looking at different details as compared to someone else. There is no guarantee that two people will have exactly the same requirements. 

Take the example of a family; you and your father will have different uses of the internet. You might use it for gaming, studying, browsing social media, etc., and your father might use it for working, downloading, and uploading large files, video conferences, etc. Two different people with two very different uses. 

So, while you are looking into certain requirements like download speed, data allowance, and much more, you are most likely forgetting to check the installation options for the ISP. What if the ISP has highly expensive installation fees and that becomes a deal-breaker for you? Of course, nobody wants to find a good ISP only just to lose it afterward. 

To avoid being in that situation in the first place, it’s better to do your homework properly before making the decision! Now, coming to the main point, the installation fees can be expensive as you have to pay for the service, the equipment, and the installation. It’s all part of the package. But what if you didn’t have to pay for the installation? 

A lot of ISPs do have the option for BYOD (Bring Your Own Equipment) because of which you get to save money on equipment fees. So, isn’t there something similar for installation as well? Well, you’re in luck! There is a similar notion for installation as well. And it is offered by CenturyLink! 

Installation options for CenturyLink Internet

If you are a user of CenturyLink, then you must know about this. Every person that wants to become a part of the CenturyLink network of subscribers is briefed on the services and their details. Along with that and some conditions, you will also be given information about the two types of installations that you can choose from. For CenturyLink, you get the option of pro installation or self-installation. With pro installation, you will be charged for the service fee, and with self-installation, you will get a kit with a guide and other equipment.

The pro installation costs up to $125, and a professional technician from CenturyLink will come to install and set up everything for you. Of course, this saves you time and effort and gets the job done without any glitches or technical difficulties. The self-installation, however, is free and comes with a simple guide to help you understand and follow the instructions. You might face some technical issues and difficulties, but rest assured that help is just a call away!

After installation, comes the activation process. How do you activate the internet? Surely, it’s as easy as the rest of the process, right? Yes, it is! Take a look at the section below to find out how to activate your CenturyLink internet.

CenturyLink Internet Activation Process

You’ve gotten this far in the installation process, now it’s just a few steps more before you can enjoy your swift internet connection. To activate the internet, follow the steps explained below:

  • Step #1: Before we begin the process, make sure that your system and modem are connected by means of an Ethernet cable.
  • Step #2: Open the browser on your computer/laptop and copy and paste this link: Click enter and you will be redirected to the “Welcome” page.
  • Step #3: Make your choice about the language and which one you prefer: English or Espanol. 
  • Step #4: You might be asked to verify your identity by means of some important and personal information, however, most times, the system does the task for you.
  • Step #5: Read the “High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement” and move on by clicking I Accept.
  • Step #6: Give the modem five minutes to connect to the network. Be sure to keep your browser window open the whole time. 
  • Step #7: Next, you will be given the option of switching on the wireless router so that you can connect your devices wirelessly to the internet. You can turn it on or leave it off depending on your preference. You can get back to this option later in case you want to change your selection.
  • Step #8: You will be rerouted to the settings, where you can see your network name and security key. It is recommended that you change the security key to something you can recall easily and it should not be too simple so that your network is at risk of threats.
  • Step #10: On the next page, you can watch or follow a tutorial for connecting your other devices to the internet. If you don’t want to, just skip it.
  • Step #11: Now, you will get to decide which notifications and alerts you want to get or not. Customize your messages and alerts, however, you wish.
  • Step #12: You will then be shown your key account information, which might come in handy in the future. So, be sure to note it all down somewhere safe and secure.

Your internet has been activated successfully! Now, you can enjoy a smooth and secure connection, without any issues! If you have followed all the steps and you still cannot get your internet to be activated, then you should call CenturyLink customer service or go on to their website to get some troubleshooting tips.

CenturyLink Internet Plans

While that ends our main point of this article, we thought we should share with you the internet plans being offered by CenturyLink currently. 

Internet PlanConnection typeInternet SpeedsData AllowancePricingGreat for
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited InternetDSL15 – 20 MbpsUnlimited$50/mo.(Prepay, paperless billing and more apply, Availability depends on location, Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges will apply)Downloading files, videos, and musicWork from home Online schooling/learningStreamingBrowsing/surfingOnline shoppingPlaying games
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited InternetDSL40 – 100 MbpsUnlimited$50/mo.(Prepay, paperless billing and more apply, Availability depends on location, Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges will apply)Connecting multiple devicesWork from homeOnline schooling/learningOnline shoppingPaying bills onlineAccess to news, entertainment, etc.Browsing/surfingDownloading files, videos, and music
CenturyLink Fiber GigabitFiberUp to 940 MbpsUnlimited$65/mo.(Prepay, paperless billing and more apply, Availability depends on location, Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges will apply)Streaming HD and 4K content on multiple devicesPlaying online multiplayer gamesBacking up the entire hard drive to the cloudDownloading and uploading heavy files Work from homeOnline schooling/learning


Well, that was a lot of information to unpack! And while you might not remember everything, you can always come back to this article whenever you need to. This is why we will also be stopping here so that you don’t get overwhelmed. The modem installation process can be found online as well, in case you came here looking for that. This option has undoubtedly been a great option to help you save money and spend smarter. After all, if you don’t feel confident enough in your technical skills, and would rather go for pro installation, that’s fine too. Whatever your choice of installation and activation, you can check out more details or purchase the pack at BuyTVInternetPhone today!

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