September 26, 2023

Does your skin look dull, tired and feeling rough? Does it feel dehydrated and tight?

If so, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from dehydration which is the loss of water or other fluids from or within an organism, especially as a dangerous condition.

Luckily here at Beauty Base, we know exactly how to help bring back that healthy glow because we’ve got some top advice on what causes skin dehydration and what you can do about it.

4 Signs Of Dehydrated Skin

Not sure if you’re suffering from dry skin or dehydration? Here are four telltale signs that you have dehydrated skin:

1.Itchy Skin

Have you ever returned from a trip to the coast or a ski holiday and felt your skin feel tight, itchy and dry?

If so, you may have noticed that these external factors, in particular, can cause moisture to withdraw from the outer layers of the skin, causing this uncomfortable feeling.

This sensation is often accompanied by a skin disorder known as Keratosis Pilaris (KP), which resembles small yellow bumps commonly found on the lower arms.

2.Increased Sensitivity

One of the biggest consequences of dehydrated skin is increased insensitivity. When your skin’s moisture barrier is disrupted, it cannot properly protect itself from external environmental stressors.

As a result, irritants like bacteria and pollution can penetrate its outermost layer, worsening symptoms like redness, itchiness and irritation.

Studies have shown that issues are compounded when this occurs over time as it leaves already sensitive skin extremely vulnerable to dangers from outside factors.

3.Dull Skin

Are you looking for a moisturizer that can give you more radiant skin? Well, we have the perfect solution! Regardless of what drinking water timetable, you follow, and even if they are as small as possible, it’s obvious that our body still gets dehydrated.

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We are trying to apply several different unique products to our bodies to ensure that one of these methods will bring us the desired effect.

If there is no time for this and still have severe skin problems, it’s necessary to consider implementing a special moisturizer such as DR.HAUSCHKA Facial Hydration Balance.

4.Fine Lines & Wrinkles

According to a leading skincare expert, the most important thing to remember when trying to reverse signs of ageing is that the skin prefers getting hydrated more than it likes adding anything else.

The reason for this is that anything else you put on your face—including creams and moisturizers can result in more wrinkles! This makes sense when you think of nature’s pure genius.

Dehydrated skin gets wrinkly but plump, hydrated skin will appear much younger and more beautiful.

When applying creams and anti-wrinkle serums, it is always important to apply them before bed rather than over moisturizer or sunscreen during the day, so their potency has time to do some repair work.

How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

Before we outline a skincare routine, let’s first explore some other lifestyle tips that might help you.

1.Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol

Drinking too much coffee and alcohol can lead to dehydration. Caffeine causes your body to secrete very little vasopressin, which regulates the amount of water you hold within your system.

When there’s not enough vasopressin, the body can lose up to 15 per cent of its water content. Drinking excessive alcohol can also cause mild dehydration by inhibiting and destroying the enzyme that helps your body retain fluids.

However, don’t let this information keep you from enjoying your morning coffee or evening whiskey, as research has shown that one to two cups per day for adults is considered healthy for the most part, with no negative effects on health observed when lower quantities are consumed.

2.Best Products For Dehydrated Skin

To resolve dehydrated skin, you have to start from the inside out. It can be very helpful to focus on your health overall.

This means drinking the proper water levels, consuming enough vitamins and minerals, and letting everything in your diet coincide with your current skin condition.

3.Buy A Humidifier

You may need to humidify the air if you have been struggling with dry skin. The warm steam will help to hydrate your skin and relieve irritation.

If you are looking for a low energy consumption solution, consider a warm mist humidifier.

They form a warm vapor that releases moisture into the air, which you can breathe in or run through an inhaler device. Some models even feature smart track humidity and temperature controls!

4.Skip Harsh Face Scrubs

Exfoliation is the easiest way to brighten a dull complexion, but many scrubs are too “bumpy”, irritating for dehydrated skin. Slow down the cell turnover with a lighter scrub like Aveda’s Exfoliant Scrub Refining Facial Cleanser.

Coconut extract and willow bark mechanically remove the buildup of dulling dead cells, exposing the fresh new cells underneath.

This salt-free formula is infused with white tea, and this salt-free formula strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and locks in moisture for added hydration.

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